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Poemshop is a boutique in verse, written by Sasha Stiles and offering language artworks as objects of desire. Part literary experiment, part concept store, the shop embodies Stiles' ongoing investigation of poetry's cultural currency in a world driven by brands and commerce.


Sasha Stiles is a Kalmyk-American language artist and AI researcher whose groundbreaking poetry probes what it means to be human in an increasingly posthuman era.

Her award-winning work – seen at MoMA, Gucci, Christie's and ArtBasel, and published widely on and off the blockchain – defies genres and challenges both literary and artistic conventions, fusing ancient and visionary, analog and digital, word and image, spoken and unspeakable, in prescient meditations on the human condition in a time of profound technological change.

Stiles lives and works near New York City with her husband and studio partner, Kris Bones.

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