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COMPLETION: FRAGMENTS is a collection of 30 media-rich textblocks comprising one long AI-powered poem. Each textblock, representing a single stanza, exists as a standalone visual poem that is inextricably connected to every other piece. The original text of the poem appears in Stiles’ new book, TECHNELEGY, a hybrid collection of poetry and art written in collaboration with her AI alter ego, Technelegy -- a custom text generator fine-tuned on my own writing, research and reference materials.


COMPLETION: FRAGMENTS is one poem in an ongoing series called COMPLETION POEMS, in which Stiles uses natural language processing AI as a co-author. By translating the printed text into media-rich visual poems, with visualizations by Stiles and original music and sound design by her studio partner Kris Bones, the collection looks to the future of generative and metaversal literature while evolving the ancient, immersive, experiential oral tradition of poetry and the 16th century invention of moveable type. The title FRAGMENTS refers to the surviving fragments of the Ancient Greek poet Sappho’s literary work.


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